3D Printing Materials

3D Printing Materials

One key element of the technique of 3D printing is the material. Nowadays we have many variety of materials, from different types of plastic, metals or ceramic, to even gold and silver. But there exist plenty of possibilities now that investigations about this modern technology and new processes and materials to work on with keep moving to the beat of innovation.

At Imagine 3D Miniatures we thought about Mounted Heroes as a project which would find its key elements on 3D printing and miniature customization. A customization that has not only with plenty of possibilities for parts and accessories, but also comes to choosing the types of material to print in.

We offer the possibility to select three different types of material, each one with its own qualities:

 dragon strong and flexible plastic

- Strong & Flexible Plastic: this material offers less level of detail. Its main quality is its price, more affordable than the others. In addition to default white color, you can also print the miniature in black, making easy priming the figure later. This plastic makes a little difficult to paint the miniature, that’s the reason why we don’t recommend it for on foot characters. Instead, we recommend it for printing the mounts, which get a more expensive when printing in the other materials.

 wyvern frosted detail

- Frosted Detail: this is a transparent material with a little bit higher price but with also more detail and finish quality than previous one. This plastic makes easier to paint on it and it is perfect for printing the mounts if we wish to preserve detail and keep price in an affordable range.

 orc frosted ultra detail

- Frosted Ultra Detail: as its own name says, this is a transparent material with higher level of detail, which favors painting the miniature and improves considerably its finish. We recommend it for printing on foot characters especially because this plastic preserves even most sensible details. However, mounts, even though they get a great finish quality, get also more expensive than on the previous materials.

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