3D Printshow Madrid

The global 3D printing event

Last week the team of Imagine 3D Miniatures attended the 3D Printshow at Madrid, an event which gathers people and companies from the 3D printing industry. Product designers, manufacturers, engineers, investors and artists, among others, gathered in this show starred by the latest in 3D printing technology.

 3d printer 2

The Glass Gallery at Cibeles Palace was the space chosen for the first 3D Printshow that takes place in Madrid. More than 30 teams from different countries presented their printers and products attracting an audience amazed by the possibilities of this new technology.

Shapeways, leading 3D printing marketplace and partner of Imagine 3D Miniatures, attended the event and had at its stand a catalog of objects printed in different materials, from the plastics of which we wrote in another post to various types of metals.


We also went to the stands of Stratasys and Sicnova, two of the most important brands on manufacturing and design of 3D printers.

The 3D Printshow was remarkable not only because of its printers but also because of its creations. Sculptures, figures, costumes... and even food! Everything 3D printed by the participating companies.

 3d printed food
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