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We’re glad to introduce you our online store which is finally here after months of hard work. This project is based on two main ideas: customization and 3D printing for wargame fantasy miniatures. Let us show you how it works:

1) Choose a race


Currently we have three races available: Humans, Orcs and Elves. You can choose any of them from our homepage and either pick a default character or head to the miniature creator where you will have the power to customize your hero.

2) Customize your Hero

How? Use your imagination! Select items from the miniature creator like armors, boots, weapons, different faces or hairstyles,… and add a mount!*

*Mounts can also be purchased individually here

3) Select a scale


Now that you have customized your fantasy hero it’s time to decide on which scale you wish to order it: 28, 35, 54, 75 or 90 mm. Keep in mind that not every miniature can be printed in any scale, it depends on the volume so some of them might not be available on larger sizes.

4) Pick a 3D printing material


Your miniature is almost done! On the last step of the customization process you can choose on which material you wish to print your miniature: Strong & Flexible plastic, Frosted Ultra Detail and Frosted Extreme Detail are the different choices available in our online store.

- Strong & Flexible Plastic: Among the different plastics available for 3D printing, this one is one of the most resistant materials. It’s roughness produces certain loss of quality on the smaller details, but, however, is more affordable than the other displayed materials. Another quality of this material is that you can choose between black or white plastic. We recommend using the Strong & Flexible Plastic material specially for 3D printing the mounts of Mounted Heroes.

-Frosted Ultra Detail: There exists a variety of materials called frosted that are known for having a semi transparent surface. The material called Frosted Ultra Detail has a high definition finish and a high level of detail, though it is slightly more fragile than the previous plastic material. Because of its higher quality, its surface is better for painting, for which we recommend this material for painting enthusiasts to print their Mounted Heroes.

-Frosted Extreme Detail: The second of frosted kind materials that we offer is the one called Frosted Extreme Detail, which, as said in its name, provides an even higher quality than the previous material. It is the highest quality material that we offer, which goes in proportion to its price. Because of its features, this material is only available for Heroes on foot on the smaller scales – 28 y 35 mm.


Now you’re ready to purchase your custom 3D printed fantasy miniature and share it with our community. And if you have any questions or suggestions or maybe you need some help, you can contact us on or through our social media on Facebook and Twitter.

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